Diamond Grading


Gemley Valuations diamond graders offer a precise grade for mounted & loose diamonds. Identify the correct four C's for your diamonds. Our specialist staff members are trained and experienced in mounted diamonds. Where the limitations of mounted diamonds are apparent, we refer our stones to advanced  diamond grading laboratories for certification.

All our diamonds are examined & measured using the best diamond grading equipment & technology available. All our diamonds are screened for possible synthetics or diamond clarity & colour enhancements.

Our certificates offer a diamond grade based on the GIA (Gemological Institute of America) internationally accepted grading system. Our senior valuer Sanaa Jaafar holds a Diploma in Diamonds & Diamond Grading from the GIA, as well as certification for the Practical Diamond Grading Lab from GAA (Gemmological Association of Australia). 

A Gemley Valuation offers an accurate assessment of the given item of jewellery or loose stone. Our certificates display the follow detail: 

Diamond Cut 

Diamond Weight

The size of a diamond may present a variance in price. Our diamonds are precisely estimated whilst mounted to offer a calculated figure. 

Diamond Colour Grades

 Diamonds may appear colourless to the naked eye, however you will notice that the difference in colour grades may affect the price of your diamond dramatically. 

Diamond Clarity

Diamonds are examined by 10x magnification according to international diamond grading guidelines. All care & precision is given before qualifying a diamond into a grade category. 


 Credits: GIA