Gemley Valuations offers valuations for modern & antique jewellery, diamonds, gemstones & precious metals. Our gemologists & diamond graders are equipped with the very best gemological equipment & technology available. With years of training, education & research under our belt, we offer a reliable and professional opinion based on current market & industry conditions. Our valuations are reasonable & realistic. 

 Gemley Valuations offers valuations  for modern & antique jewellery,  diamonds, gemstones & precious  metals. Our gemologists & diamond  graders are equipped with the very  best gemological equipment &  technology available. With years of  training, education & research under  our belt, we offer a reliable and  professional opinion based on current  market & industry conditions. Our  valuations are reasonable & realistic. 
 We offer an in-house service, our consultants will come to you in the privacy of your home or the location of your choosing. Our consultants will complete a take-in sheet and take images of your jewellery before leaving to off you peace of mind. We also hand deliver your jewellery & valuations to you. 


Valuation Types

Basic RRP - Our standard valuation report, it offers a compact series of images to help identify the item. This is suitable for insurance & resale. 

Extensive - This is a highly detailed report. It offers the owner an extensive insight into the jewellery or gemstone item. It may consist of several pages. The report displays microscopic photographs of identifiers, gemstone inclusion images & detail, as well as a thorough description on condition & identifiers. Suitable for legal proceedings, identification & divorce settlements. 

Gift - This is our standard report, presented in a gift box & matching gift bag. Suitable for engagement rings, anniversary gifts & special events. 


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