A very elegant Jewellery Box

June 30, 2016

A very elegant Jewellery Box

All jewellery should be protected yet easily accessible. I've found the perfect box. Ignore the price tag for just a moment ($152,000!), and just imagine getting your hands on this amazing piece of art. 

Dottling “Pauline” Jewelry Safe

This elegantly styled but high-tech jewelry safe is from Dottling Safes. Named after company founder Markus Dottling’s daughter Pauline, this is their smallest luxury safe. First it features the finest in fittings and finishes to match the designer fashion setting of the room you’d expect to find it in. Behind it is their patented armor plating and multi-functional electronic locking system to resist the most serious of burglars.

Dottling Pauline Jewelry Safe


To keep it’s luxurious look from being interrupted by it’s high-tech security features, a fine leather belt and buckle camouflages the opening system. It also includes a removable portable jewelry case that can be fitted with a GPS tracker. It measures approximately 40” x 21” x 25” and tips the scales at approximately 880 lbs. The exterior and interior trim can be fully customized to materials and colors of your choice. The storage options are also customizable, allowing for different drawers and sizes, designed to hold jewelry, watches, miscellaneous valuables and even guns. 



 Credit: Opulent Jewellers