Australian Antiques & Art Fair 2016

September 18, 2016

Australian Antiques & Art Fair 2016

The Australian Antiques and Art Dealers Association put on an impressive show at the Australian Antiques & Art Fair 2016.

Held from 7th-11th of September,  at the lovely Kensington room, Royal Randwick, Sydney.

The fair showcased fine jewels and antiques from some of Australia's most reputable Art & antique dealers.

The show was an absolute splendour, and all the more as you could stop at any stand take in a trove of information. I likened it to being at an art musem, with a tour guide available at every stop.

 Everything on display was available for purchase, from the modest fine jewels to the $125,000 Moonstone & elderberry Tiara, available at JB Hawkins Antiques.

 Anne Schofield's amazing collection was one to be in awe of. Her collection fell nothing short of fabulous with hundreds of original antique jewellery from the 18th, 19th and early 20th century fine quality jewellery, including Australian jewellery.        

Greene & Green Antiques, Abbots Antiques, Chilton's Antiques were only a few of the local exhibitionists flaunting their collections. As well as other reputable dealers from across the nation, The Antique Guild, Alan Landis Antiques, & JB Hawkins, the fair was a delight for any collector & antique lover.

Patiently looking forward to next years show. For more information please visit